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Re: [debian-knoppix] Would someone like to host NordisKnoppix ?

Am Thu, 10 Apr 2003 09:22:20 +0200
Conrad Newton <conrad.newton@broadpark.no> schrieb:

> I have finished remastering a version of Knoppix-2003-03-30
> that supports Nordic and Baltic languages.  The project home
> page may be seen at
> http://home.broadpark.no/~aklepp/newton/knoppix/NORDISKNOPPIX/nordisknoppix.html
> Unfortunately, the server that has been hosting prior versions
> has been down for three days, and I am looking for alternatives.
> If someone can host the CD, or has a suggestion in this direction,
> please let me know.  I will be leaving town today until Sunday,
> so do not expect a reply before then.



...and many others provide space for opensource projects. I don't know
how much they spend and how much you need, but I've seen some projects
on sourceforge.net with hundreds of megabytes.

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