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[debian-knoppix] network booting with GRUB

I have made a little HOW-TO on network booting with GRUB and Knoppix. The advatage of my method is that it does not need a 
DHCP server like Knoppix-Terminal-Server. You can boot Knoppix everywhere on your LAn with a single floppy disk.
It uses GRUBs ability to load files over the network (using TFTP) and then uses an NFS server to mount the Knoppix CD image (The 
later part is the same as with the terminal-server).  This is interesting in environments where you have no control over the DHCP server 
and must not start you own one (unless you want to meet the sysadmin ;-) It's also nice if you want different versions of Knoppix in 
parallel, for nostalgia or developement...

you can find a litlle description of what i have done on http://homepage.hispeed.ch/py430/knoppix/index.html


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