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Re: [debian-knoppix] keyboard-problems?

On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 06:35:14PM +0200, Kai Lahmann wrote:
> hi
> several people report problems with the keys "<", ">" and "|" in the 
> German layout - can anybody verify (and maybe fix) this?

It can happen. KDE 3.1 from unstable seems to use different keyboard
layouts than the old woody version, so on german keyboards, the <>|-key
may only be available in the "pc105" keyboard layout. This is active in
Knoppix 3.2 already, but if you upgraded a harddisk-installed Knoppix
to a new KDE release, the old pc104 keyboard setting may still be active.

And I forgot: The @ key is now back available in the boot console german
keyboard layout if you press one of the umlaut keys. Some mem= options
seem to depend on it, but the Alt-Keys are not working at that early boot
stage, so the previously installes de-latin1-nodeadkeys bootconsole
keyboard was not working well.

That was fixed in version 2003-03-30.

-Klaus Knopper
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