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[debian-knoppix] GRUB busted under 3.2

In my ongoing saga of finding 3.1->3.2 differences, I've found that
when I try to make a SCSI drive bootable using GRUB, it fails under
3.2 when the exact same automated operations works under 3.1.  Under
3.2, GRUB itself works, but the small GRUB boot images (under
/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc) seem somehow corrupt.  Upon boot as soon as
control is handed to the GRUB boot process (stage1, I'm pretty sure),
the boot hangs.

I notice GRUB under 3.2 has a lastmod of Feb 27, so I assume GRUB was
updated between my 2003-01-20 3.1 and my 2003-03-30 3.2.  For me at
least, this upgrade broke things.

It's unclear what should happen.  I get the feeling few people use
GRUB from Knoppix, so if I'm the sole user :) maybe a revert is in
order.  But perhaps others can provide contrary data points, and say
that GRUB works for them.

On a somewhat related note, it would be great to have more detailed
release notes on what has changed between versions.  I know release
notes are a fair amount of work, so I'm not actually expecting them.
If there were an automated way to diff the filesystems to find out
what's changed between subsequent versions, that'd help somewhat, for
those of us trying to automate Knoppix-derived remasters.

-- jared@wordzoo.com

"Better to be of a rare breed than a long line." -- TDK
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