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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: Knoppix source and the GPL

At Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 02:05:34PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > this still means that about 20% of the Knoppix distro is not conforming to
> > the license.
> I guess the reason is that older Debian packages will be replaced by newer
> ones.  I see no technical solution to keep all source packages ever existed
> around anywhere and you would need to keep them all because anybody could
> claim that his very Knoppix (-derivate) Snapshot which was created some
> months ago has no souces available.

That is not necessary. 
if [ you offer the source for download *while* you offer the binary ]; then
	you don't need to save the sources &&
	you can rm them right after rm'ing the binary
elsif [ you offer only the binary ]; then
	you need to give *written promise* to provide sources 3 years 
	after the binary download

You *can* direct people to a web site where they can download the packages,
but *only* *if* you have this written promise in your posession. This is to
make sure that the source is available somewhere.

> Sean, me and others how to master a Knoppix CD from scratch.  Here you
> can just take the packages from Debian stable and can be sure that the
> sources will exist for a longer time.  You can not relay on keeping

No, you can't. If you have a binary Knoppix, you either need to have the
written notice that someone else will provide the sources, *or* you need to
be able to provide the sources yourself and deliver this written notice,
*or* you need to provide the sources at download time.

The latter seems advisable: have a source tree with the Debian source
packages that have the right version. You can remove any package that is not
in any of the .ISO files.

> the sources for a longer time in unstable or testing.  I doubt that Klaus
> wants to mirror a source archive.  The only thing he could do is providing
> the source for all inofficial packages he is using.  Here again our Knoppix
> mastering plan could help if we try to make these *knoppix*.deb packages
> would get into the official Debian archive.

That would not help. If I download mozilla-something-something and put that
on a CD, *I* am responsible for the sources. Not the debian project, not
you, not the user of the CD. So, in short form: either deliver the source,
or prepare to be able to deliver the source for 3 years long.

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