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[debian-knoppix] Re: Knoppix source and the GPL

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Valentijn Sessink wrote:

> For the 2003-03-30 .ISO, stats are better: 194 missing packages. However,
> this still means that about 20% of the Knoppix distro is not conforming to
> the license.
I guess the reason is that older Debian packages will be replaced by newer
ones.  I see no technical solution to keep all source packages ever existed
around anywhere and you would need to keep them all because anybody could
claim that his very Knoppix (-derivate) Snapshot which was created some
months ago has no souces available.

> Is there a way the sources issue could be resolved? Klaus, could it be
> possible for Knoppix to have the sources ready when you supply a new
> version? You could use the script from above to get these, and once a new
> ISO is there, a new source packages directory could be made. Do you use a
> local Debian mirror or do you get your packages from?
I think the idea to bootstrap Knoppix from the real Debian archive could
help here a little bit.  Perhaps you might have followed the discussion of
Sean, me and others how to master a Knoppix CD from scratch.  Here you
can just take the packages from Debian stable and can be sure that the
sources will exist for a longer time.  You can not relay on keeping
the sources for a longer time in unstable or testing.  I doubt that Klaus
wants to mirror a source archive.  The only thing he could do is providing
the source for all inofficial packages he is using.  Here again our Knoppix
mastering plan could help if we try to make these *knoppix*.deb packages
would get into the official Debian archive.

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