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Re: [debian-knoppix] Font settings for Konsole?

>From Klaus Knopper on Sunday, 2003-03-23 at 13:39:32 +0100:
> Hi,
> This time just a KDE question: How does one set the font for the
> "Medium" size setting in konsole? If I select this size in
> konsole from KDE 3.1.1/unstable, I get a very ugly looking typewriter
> font, about 13pt Courier-pixel-scaled. Unfortunately, there seems to be
> no easy way to tell konsole which font family to use. I would like to
> set Lucidatypewriter for all font sizes, but can't figure out how to do
> this, independently from the KDE control center.
> Any ideas? The problem only exists for the "Medium" size font setting in
> konsole, the other font sizes are OK.

Did you ever solve this problem?  I am working on a new version of 
NordisKnoppix, and I had the exact same problem in the Lithuanian
konsole.  Medium was ugly, if it rendered at all, but larger larger 
fonts were just fine.  It would be great if you knew a fix.


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