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[debian-knoppix] Installing to raid array.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered. Thanks also to the knoppix devs.
This is one cool distro.

I'm seeking advice in regarding installation of knoppix to hard-drive, in
particular to a raid array using an on-board hpt370 controller.

There appears to be two basic options.

The first is to load the required modules, create/format/mount a partition,
then install as outlined in the faq.

The second is to use the installation script knx-hdinstall. The problem here
is that the script only recognises the individual hard-drives and not the
raid array.

So here are my questions:

Is there any way to get the install script to install straight to one of the
partitions listed in /proc/partitions, bypassing the initial part of the
install script? I'm not confident enough with shell scripts to try
re-writing it.

Are there any major differences between the installations that would result
from the two methods, ie... is one 'better' than the other?

I've done some searching of the archives and googled for what I could to no
avail. Basically, I'm seeking as much information as I can get before I
proceed further. I figure that somebody has asked themselves the same
questions before.

Once again, many thanks in advance for any insight that can be offered.

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