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Re: [debian-knoppix] toshiba satelite prob: eepro100.o missing, keyboard

> > and there is a _very_ nasty bug in the keyboard handling. every now and
then the key appears
> > to be pressed twice altough it isn't. "woordss lookk thenn like thhis"
> > i don't know what do about that but it makes writing on that machine a
> Recent Toshiba laptops have crappy hardware, ie. a controller which
> sends the key events in the wrong order when typing to fast.
> Console-tools guys build a filter for this effect so you do not have the
> problem on the console, but in X. There is a fix in kernel 2.5, or take
> this patch for 2.4.x.

I have a Toshiba (Tecra 8000) and saw that strange double key problem.
But it was inside vmware so I was thinking it was not a Knoppix issue.

This confirm what I think of that laptop maker
(was there an issue with floppy drive too).
My next laptop (company decision) will be from another vendor. ;-)


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