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[debian-knoppix] non-free installer ideas

Hi there, 
I've had a few comments about KNOPPIX not being able to view flash content, 
and I had an idea to write a script that installs the flash plugin;
wget the plugin,
untar it, 
copy it to ~/.netscape/plugins/
and run "nspluginscan" ( which finds the plugin and enables it in konqueror )

This is similar to Codeweaver's Crossover Plugin ( www.codeweavers.com - lets 
you run quicktime, windows media player, MS Word viewer  etc ), which 
downloads the plugins/viewers automatically. It could be a script in the 
knoppix menu "Install flash player" etc. 
this could also be done for other programs such as
... etc. I'm not sure on the legalities of this ( automatically downloading a 
program ) but Codeweavers seem to get away with it. ( or we could just 
include links to the programs in the Docs etc. )

Best Regards
Eaden McKee
Opentec Ltd, NZ
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