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Re: [debian-knoppix] Some question...

On Thu, Oct 10, 2002 at 09:45:27AM +0200, Csabka wrote:
> Hi all!
> 1. Are there any possibilities to get the "tuxpuck" and the "pingus"
> games inside the knoppix again. These two were the bests :-) to my mind.

pingus ceased to work when woody was released, probably because of
library incompatibilities. I never got it to compile successfully.

tuxpuck compiles fine, but with the current SDL release, it does not run
anymore, but just "sits there" after the splash screen. Also, it is
stuck in an unfinished state, and the author stated on his webpage that
he stopped development. Maybe, if someone would take over the tuxpuck
development and makes a professional looking game out of it (like
shuffle puck cafe on the Amiga was), it has a chance of returning. I
gave up hope on pingus though. After more than 2 years of development,
it SHOULD have had playable levels now that don't have to be accessed
through "contrib" or "unofficial". Pingus should probably get rewritten
in SDL without using ClanLib or Hermes (which are not used by any other

> 2. What's about the other KDE languages? Would be difficult to take the
> hungarian localization file's into the knoppix...

Space problems. :-(
Whoever asked first got his language on the CD, and now we are way out
of space for more i18n stuff. The CD would have to be customized for
each language, if you want to do that, please feel free to do a code
fork like some of the user groups and institutes that contributed a
language-specific version on

> I know that the cd
> size is limited,

Yes, that is the sad fact, even with compression and 700MB media.

> therefore some solution should be done for it.

Well, you know, since it ie Free software, you can still pay someone
who does a specific customization for anything you like, if you don't
want to invest work and time on your own. ;-)

> So some
> method should be written to the FAQ (e.g.: mount the cloop knoppix file,
> and chroot to in, and use apt-get install/remove...to make your own
> knoppix localization or something else...).

You could contribute a script, if you like, which does exactly that.

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