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Re: Translucency (was Re: [debian-knoppix] [patch] cloop-0.65)


On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 05:08:17PM +0200, David GLAUDE Mailing wrote:
> Klaus,
> I find the translucency of the mail intersting, but I don't feal like
> you have reacted to that part of the mail...
> > Additionally you may want to have a look at my kernel-module
> > allowing to virtually change files on CD while changes really go
> > to RAM-disk, floppy or NFS
> > http://translucency.sourceforge.net/
> > use it, if you like
> > ignore it, if you don't

This looks really interesting. A while ago we looked into "overlay
filesystem" patches for the kernel. The idea was to mount the
RO-filesystem and mount a writable filesystem (e. g. RAM-disk oder
harddisk) on top of it, so that writes would become possible. At that
time the development of the overlay filesystem was stalled.

If this translucency really does what I think it does it could
revolutionize the way Knoppix works. At the moment Knoppix uses the
RAM-disk as / and copies files that need to be writeable and links
other files to the CD-ROM. With this patch on could perform the
changes on the CD with no need for all the symlinking.

[ ... ]
> PS: Without your (Klaus) help, is it possible to compile the module
> separately,
> what do I need to build a module that is compatible with the kernel in use
> in Knoppix?

Even if Klaus didn't make this default as I suggested above I don't
think there are objections to at least adding the module. None the less
you should find the .config-file used for the kernel in /usr/src/linux.

Regards, Kester.
Kester Habermann <kester@linuxtag.org>               LinuxTag 2002
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