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Translucency (was Re: [debian-knoppix] [patch] cloop-0.65)


I find the translucency of the mail intersting, but I don't feal like
you have reacted to that part of the mail...

> Additionally you may want to have a look at my kernel-module
> allowing to virtually change files on CD while changes really go
> to RAM-disk, floppy or NFS
> http://translucency.sourceforge.net/
> use it, if you like
> ignore it, if you don't

I have been frustated while using Knoppix as a devel platform
that it is not possible to "install" missing library because of the ROess
of the cloop device. And having library installed inside unusual place
that I mount is not exactly the same.

I would be interested in having translucency module compiled and added
to the "stock" knoppix iso CD. Of course it would have to be manualy enabled
and nothing automatic is really needed (did anybody try to use minicom from
and try to change the configuration of it).

I feel that some peaple might object this because of security issue.
Yes once translucency in action, RO is not really RO.
But if you reboot, everything goes back to normal,
so it is still safe. Even if Knopper does not offer the translucency
part of the CD, a hacker could install it's own module, so you do not
really increase the risk.

To Bernhard now, with translucency,
is it possible to generate a "diff" or to "mount" the difference
from a previous usage of it.
This would permit roll-back (loose the change) or
commit (keep the change and reinstall them next time you boot Knoppix).


PS: Without your (Klaus) help, is it possible to compile the module
what do I need to build a module that is compatible with the kernel in use
in Knoppix?

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