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Re: [debian-knoppix] Customizing Knoppix.

ROSSEL Olivier wrote:
There was a thread a few days ago about customizing Knoppix.

I had not enough RAM to make it. I will try with a swap file.
What's the required RAM for such a task (:generating the KNOPPIX
compressed iso)?

I was able to generate the KNOPPIX file with a Duron 900 box with 256 MB of RAM and with 700 MB of swap partition. I suppose that the amount of RAM+swap space needed should be somewhat larger than the size of the image to be generated.

I think Klaud told me a long time ago that he had scrpits that had to be run
in order to clean /var
before creating the iso. Anyone can confirm?

I got the scripts from Klaus some month ago for KNOPPIX 2.2.
I think that he can give you also the same scripts or the updated versions.


Renzo Bagnati

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