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[debian-knoppix] Background picture


I'm new to this list so don't know whether any things I write have been
discussed already. Feel free to ignore them (or rather: tell me where in the
archive the discussion took place).

I've been playing around with KNOPPIX_V2.2 and really love it (Klaus! You're
the man)! It's amazing how everything works right after booting!

Yesterday I've downloaded KNOPPIX_V3.1-06-07-2002-EN.iso and I have some
* The new background picture makes me dizzy :-)
* Would it be possible to keep the 'home' / etc directory on a FAT
partition, so that they will be merged / copied during boot?
* How hard is it to configure the KNOPPIX CD (different background picture,
boot options, KDE configuration) and re-burn it with customized settings?
* What's the difference between Office -> Open Office and OpenOffice.org ?

I'll have more remarks eventually :-)


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