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[debian-knoppix] Knoppix 3.1 - desktop speeds


as someone said KDE 3 (on Knoppix 3.1) takes longer to start up than
KDE 2.2.2, I timed various desktops to find out. To time KDE 2.2.2 I
used my Woody on harddisk, the other desktops I timed with a
Knoppix 3.1 installed on the same harddisk. I created an account and
logged into all desktops once, because the first log in usually takes
longer, as the initial-config-files are created. All desktops are
configured to standad configuration with no apps opening. Then I
booted and timed the time from entering the password until the desktop
was ready. After this I logged out and and logged in again, to time
how long it takes to long in with the programs in cache. Here are the

                  1st login       2nd login
                  after reboot
KDE 2.2.2         26s             14s
KDE 3.0           23s             10s
Gnome 1.4         14s              7s
XFCE              3s               2s
wmaker            1s               0s
twm               0s               0s

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