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[debian-knoppix] Re: Pre-3.1 version of KNOPPIX available for testing


From: Klaus Knopper
Subject: [debian-knoppix] Pre-3.1 version of KNOPPIX available for testing
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 00:49:05 +0200

> Bugreports are welcome. Hopefully OpenOffice 1.01 with a bug fixed
> that affected the wizards when running from a readonly filesystem,
> will be released this week, too, for inclusion.

The English CD boots and runs fine on a local ThinkPad X20 as well as

As for requests, perhaps this has been discussed already:

  On the English ISO image, the menu items under File->New for
  OpenOffice are in Deutsch.  English might be nice (-;

  Also, might it not be useful to also include partimaged?  I was
  thinking that I could set up a couple of laptops that boot Knoppix
  where one uses partimage and the other partimaged.
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