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[debian-knoppix] First pre-alpha release of KDK (KNOPPIX Development Kit)

Hi All,

I have started a rewrite of my KNOPPIX autobuild shellscript to C/C++. 
It is now XML driven. The Tarball is attached to this email.

KDK is using debootstrap for building a debian distribution into
a changeroot environment. But unfortunally debootstrap didn't
work for me. debootstrap hangs during configuring console-utils.

Cause debootstrap isn't working KDK is completely untested!

The package-tag isn't evaluated. Sorry, for this missing feature 
but without debootstrap this feature is meaningless :(.

To compile you need g++, libstdc++ and libxml2.

step 1. untar the tarball
step 2. cd kdk
step 3. make
step 4. cd demo
step 5. ../src/knoppix-creator ./knoppix.xml

You have to be suid root to run knoppix-creator! Be careful!

Feedback ist welcome, especially if you have a solution for the
debootstrap problem!


 Oliver Zendel                                           LinuxTag-Team
 email: zendel@linuxtag.de                      phone: +49-631-3109371
 http://www.linuxtag.de/                          fax: +49-631-3109372

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