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Re: Kernel version for jessie

On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 17:43 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> So we have a choice between:
> Linux 3.14-stable
> - Supported by Greg for about 2 years after release (March 2014)
> - As an official kernel.org branch, it is likely to get some more
>   testing and review, and more backports from upstream maintainers
> Linux 3.16-stable
> - Supported by Ubuntu kernel team for about 15-18 months after distro
>   release (October 2014)
> - Will support more current hardware and need fewer driver backports
> Both of these will be supported until about the same time that wheezy
> reaches EOL, which is when I intend to stop maintaining 3.2-stable.  At
> that point, I would be prepared to take over maintainership of either of
> the newer branches.
> There's not an obvious winner out of these two options, but we should
> choose fairly soon.  Please speak up with arguments either way.

Based on the replies to this, I think 3.16 is now the clear winner.

To avoid disruption to the installer, I think we should keep 3.14 in
unstable until the next installer alpha/beta is out, and then move
straight to 3.16.


Ben Hutchings
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