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Re: Uploading linux (3.2.60-1)

On Wed, 2014-06-11 at 16:39 +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> I intend to upload linux version 3.2.60-1 to stable-proposed-updates at
> the weekend.  Let me know if there's a reason not to do this.

I've just uploaded now.  Sorry for the delay.  This was partly due to an
incompatibility between the rt patchset and a fix in 3.2.60, resulting
in -rt kernels being unbootable.  That still isn't fixed upstream, but
I've now applied my attempt at a fix, that got positive feedback.

> The pending changes are the fixes from 3.2.58 to 3.2.60 inclusive, drm
> driver fixes from 3.4.87 to 3.4.92 inclusive, and rt-featureset fixes
> from 3.2.56-rt82 to 3.2.58-rt85 inclusive.
> If anyone has any other important fixes for wheezy that are just waiting
> to be applied, please do so (or let me know).  There are far too many
> open bugs for me to keep track of them.  I may try to deal with the
> irqbalance compatibility issue (#748595) in this upload.

I did fix this.  I also cherry-picked the easy security fixes.


> There are probably some driver updates that should go into the next
> point release, but I don't know what should have highest priority and I
> can't promise to spend any time on them.  I think they would have to be
> done in a later upload.
> Ben.

Ben Hutchings
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