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Uploading linux (3.2.60-1)

I intend to upload linux version 3.2.60-1 to stable-proposed-updates at
the weekend.  Let me know if there's a reason not to do this.

The pending changes are the fixes from 3.2.58 to 3.2.60 inclusive, drm
driver fixes from 3.4.87 to 3.4.92 inclusive, and rt-featureset fixes
from 3.2.56-rt82 to 3.2.58-rt85 inclusive.

If anyone has any other important fixes for wheezy that are just waiting
to be applied, please do so (or let me know).  There are far too many
open bugs for me to keep track of them.  I may try to deal with the
irqbalance compatibility issue (#748595) in this upload.

There are probably some driver updates that should go into the next
point release, but I don't know what should have highest priority and I
can't promise to spend any time on them.  I think they would have to be
done in a later upload.


Ben Hutchings
Sturgeon's Law: Ninety percent of everything is crap.

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