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Bug#665881: [wheezy] module ath5k is blocking wlan-card

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:

> Yes, it happened at once. Right after I booted Win7 and then booted into Linux
> again. 

Ok, very good.

>> If it did, and assuming you rebooted out of Windows 7 to try it,
>> there is no need to test 3.5.y any more.  We already know it doesn't
>> reproduce the bug under the same circumstances as 3.2.y did.
> So you know the reasons.

No.  We know the above because of the information you provided!

 * 3.2.y triggers the bug reproducibly
 * 3.5.y does not trigger the bug reproducibly

I have my guesses about causes, but I am keeping them to myself until
we have the additional information I asked about, namely how 3.3.6 and
3.4.1 do.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the lack of clarity.

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