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Bug#686284: linux-image-3.2.0-3-686-pae: i915 locks up my Thinkpad X30 (using a GMA 82830)

severity 686284 important

After further experimentation, I'm bumping this bug's severity:
- it also appears with experimental's 3.5.0-trunk (so sitting here,
  waiting for a stream to trickle from upstream might not be a good plan).
- while blacklisting i915 lets me boot, it prevents s2ram from resuming
  properly (the precise symptoms seem to vary depending on the kernel
  version, e.g. for 3.2.0-2 the machine is completely frozen upon
  reboot, while for 3.2.0-3 only the display is wedged, so
  a hibernate+resume fixes it).
- i.e. as of now, I haven't found a way to get my X30 to
  boot+s2ram+resume with 3.2.0-3 which makes this kernel completely
  unusable on this machine.

-- Stefan

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