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Bug#649253: eeepc-wmi does not seem to adjust fan speed, but prevents use of fancontrol

Am Sonntag, 2. September 2012 schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
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> Hi Hans,
Hi Jonathan, 

I will be pleased to answer.

> Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> > [Subject: Bug can be closed]
> Please keep in mind that these appear as emails in a crowded inbox, so
> the subject line can be a good place to put valuable context.
> [...]
> > as there is no hardwaresupport on this old device, I suggest, to close
> > this bug. I am running the old kernel module with the workaround
> > "acpi="Linux", which is working like a charm.
> I'd rather see such bugs fixed so others do not have to suffer from
> them.

Just to explain: eeepc-wmi will not be fixed, as the developers told me (almost 
2 years ago). The problem of this, is that the old hardware specs of my EEEPC 
1005 HGO are not made available by the vendor. So it is of course impossible, 
to write a kernel module. 

All newer hardware, which is in most newer processors will be supported, of 
course! But as I said, my EEEPC 1005 HGO with the old single core cpu (Intel 
N280), still got the old and undocumentd API.  
> What is the newest kernel you've experienced this bug with?  What
> other kernels have you tested and what happened with each --- is it a
> regression?
I am running now linux-image-3.2.0-3-i386 (stock debian kernel of testing). 

> What steps exactly do you use to work around the bug?  What do you
> mean by "running the old kernel module"?  Are you using an older
> kernel?

No, I can choose either to load eeepc-wmi or use the option "acpi_osi="Linux" 
which let me load eeepc-laptop at startup. The second one I call the "old" 
module, as this is the old fancontroller module developed for my old cpu.

If eeepc-laptop is used, then eeepc-wmi will not be loaded.

> I imagine upstream would want to know about this, so please do test a
> 3.5.y kernel from experimental and let us know the result if you have
> time.  Output from "reportbug --template linux-image-$(uname -r)" and
> "acpidump" and full "dmesg" output from an affected boot (as
> attachments) would be useful as well.

Of course, I will be pleased to test, but I doubt, that it will work. The 
developers of the modiule "eeepc-wmi" wrote me a mail, where they explained, 
that they will not continue further developing of eeepc-wmi. Not because they 
do not want to, but because they can't - because missing informations of the 
hardware API!

So I changed to eeepc-laptop, which is working fine for me. And for these 
reasons I claimed this bugreport closable.

However, I will test a newer kernel (3.5-X) in the next days, maybe not 
tomorrow, but during the coming week. Response and report will then be sent.

> Hope that helps,
> Jonathan

Thank you for your help!

Best regards


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