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Bug#649253: eeepc-wmi does not seem to adjust fan speed, but prevents use of fancontrol

tags 649253 + moreinfo

Hi Hans,

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:

> [Subject: Bug can be closed]

Please keep in mind that these appear as emails in a crowded inbox, so
the subject line can be a good place to put valuable context.

> as there is no hardwaresupport on this old device, I suggest, to close this 
> bug. I am running the old kernel module with the workaround "acpi="Linux", 
> which is working like a charm. 

I'd rather see such bugs fixed so others do not have to suffer from

What is the newest kernel you've experienced this bug with?  What
other kernels have you tested and what happened with each --- is it a

What steps exactly do you use to work around the bug?  What do you
mean by "running the old kernel module"?  Are you using an older

I imagine upstream would want to know about this, so please do test a
3.5.y kernel from experimental and let us know the result if you have
time.  Output from "reportbug --template linux-image-$(uname -r)" and
"acpidump" and full "dmesg" output from an affected boot (as
attachments) would be useful as well.

Hope that helps,

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