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Bug#683420: Some earlier info (may 28) from ##linux@freenode

Here's chat log related to this issue:

--- Log opened Mon May 28 10:40:31 2012
10:40 < dougmencken> hi guys; since some time, I lost capability to
auto-mount SD card
10:40 < mcloy> can anyone tell how much ram and cpu does kde takes
including system (fresh install) and how much a bare system of console
without kde takes?
10:40 < dougmencken> mount /dev/sdg1 /mnt/SD_Card/ hangs forever
10:41 < dougmencken> (even ^C doesn't help)
10:41 < dougmencken> what is wrong?
10:43 < dougmencken> even kill -9 17040 doesn't help o_O
10:43 < dougmencken> [504844.230256] Buffer I/O error on device sdg1,
logical block 100633 << hmmm
10:44 < dougmencken> [504844.230242] end_request: I/O error, dev sdg,
sector 805886 << on other OSes (OS X, etc.) it mounts perfectly
10:45 < Fieldy> i just don't understand your question or what you
want. all i see is pasting.
10:45 < dougmencken> Fieldy: I want to mount SD card
10:46 < dougmencken> Fieldy: but it doesn't mount, showing me I/O
bummers error; on other OSes everything is okay
10:46 < Fieldy> dunno what to tell you, the errors are quite cryptic
to me. i've never had issues doing it. i suggest low-level formatting
it with the filesystem of your choice
10:47 < dougmencken> Fieldy: how to perform "low-level" format? dd?
10:48 < Psi-Jack> dougmencken: That's done at the BIOS level, actually.
10:48 < Psi-Jack> Err, CMOS anyway.
10:48 < dougmencken> Psi-Jack: firmware of the card? oh
10:49 < Psi-Jack> dd could effectively do the same basic thing though.
10:50 < dougmencken> okay, will copy all data using OS X and then will
do badblocks
10:50 < wols> you cannot "low level" format for years now. pretty much
no sort of device allows it anymore. dd is anything but "low level"
10:50 < wols> dougmencken: if another OS with the same hardware (card
reader)works fine, then obviously your linux tries to access the
hardware wrongly in some way
10:50 < Psi-Jack> wols: Incorrect.
10:51 < dougmencken> wols: yep, the card reader is the same

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