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Bug#670241: Updated qmi_wwan backport based on v3.2.19, including new device IDs from v3.5-rc1

block 670241 by 681912

Please don't implement this just yet.  The ModemManager version in
wheezy may choke on the ports provided by the new driver.  Ref

I've opened a bug against ModemManager requesting the addition of the
upstream workaround, and am now blocking this bug against it.  Better
not include the driver until we sure it won't trigger any ModemManager

Feel free to close this bug with a wontfix if you like.  After all, the
qmi_wwan driver will never be very useful in wheezy, given that the
modemmanager package is frozen on a version too old to ever gain QMI

And thanks for delaying this until Fedora sorted out the worst problems
:-)  That's wise.


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