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Bug#571257: [squeeze] ath5k and athros wireless fails to work since last kernel update


Jim Ham wrote:
>> Jim Ham wrote:

>>> The Athros wireless chip is built in on this notebook. All worked well
>>> until the last kernel update. Now the athros chip associates during
>>> boot, but  deassociates later. From dmesg:
>>> [  428.084211] ath0: deauthenticating from 00:16:01:4a:c8:a3 by local choice (reason=3)
>> [...]
>>> This has a secondary effect in that both top and bottom panels in Gnome
>>> don't work as long as there is no internet. If I plug in the hardware
>>> port eth0, do an ifdown, then ifup on eth0 the banners start to work
>>> after a while. This seems to be a very strange side affect!
> This problem went away with a subsequent kernel update. I've
> subsequently switched to XFCE4, so don't know about the banner
> problem. I stick with Debian Testing, so the kernel has changed many
> times since January 2010.
> I still have the Fujitsu Lifebook, but recently updated to a Macbook
> Air. The Fujitsu doesn't see much action any more.

Thanks, very useful.

If you get a chance to try the latest squeeze kernel (it should work
fine on a wheezy/sid system) on the machine where this first showed
up, that would be interesting.

Trying a squeeze kernel on the Macbook Air would also be interesting
since we want to make sure it supports all common hardware, but that's
separate from this bug.


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