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Re: cpufrequtils: New upstream release (008)

On Tue, May 01, 2012 at 10:47:21PM +0300, Touko Korpela wrote:
> Cpufrequtils homepage link (under kernel.org) doesn't seem to work anymore.
> I found https://github.com/emagii/cpufrequtils
> It says: "Clone of kernel.org cpufrequtils, until it is back in business"
> Can it considered new home of cpufrequtils for now?
> It has some changes after 008 too.

we should just drop cpufrequtils and replace it with cpupower from the
kernel tools/ tree which effectively is the evolution of cpufrequtils.

I think the plan was to distribute cpupower together with the
linux-tools package but in the meantime I'll try to at least update
cpufrequtils to the latest available version and see if there is any
useful patch in the repository you mentioned.


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