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Bug#659484: ath9k: kernel module ath9k problem with WEP

Hi Hans,

Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:

> I tried two ways of connecting. The first one is using the file 
> /etc/network/interfaces. As in the past, I am using a static IP. 
> Connection is working, I get the IP, but I can never ping to the gateway.
> WPA/WPA2 is working with this module like a charme. Also another computer
> with an Atheros card, but "ath5k" module, can connect on the same router 
> with WEP like a charme.
> Thus I guess, the module "ath9k" of the kernel might be buggy.
> ** Tainted: W (512)
>  * Taint on warning.

Ah, this looks promising.  Please attach full "dmesg" output, or if it is
too long, everything starting a few lines before the first WARNING and
ending at "cut here".

Also, could you try connecting using "iw" and sending the associated
logs?  Like this:

	apt-get install iproute iw
	ifdown wlan0

	# in one terminal:
	iw event -t

	# in another terminal:
	ip link set wlan0 up
	iw dev wlan0 connect -w <SSID> key d:0:<key>
	dhclient wlan0; # or use the usual "ip" magic to set a static IP
	ip link set wlan0 down
	dmesg | tail

Thanks and hope that helps,

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