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Bug#658728: silent output on HP Compaq dx2200 MT

A. Costa wrote:

> Same bug on my system.
> Manufacturer:      Hewlett-Packard
> Product Name:      HP Compaq dx2200 MT 
> Codec: Realtek ALC861
> Address: 3
> AFG Function Id: 0x1 (unsol 0)
> Vendor Id: 0x10ec0861
> Subsystem Id: 0x14627254

Ok, thanks again for this.  Please contact alsa-devel@alsa-project.org,
cc-ing Takashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de> and either me or this bug log so
we can track it.  Be sure to include:

 - steps to reproduce
 - symptoms
 - what versions you've tried, and in particular what the newest
   working and oldest nonworking versions you've tried are
 - links to alsa-info output and other logs
 - a pointer to this bug log for the full story

If you have time for it, please also follow the instructions from
https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42588#c18 to get some
pin routing information (instructions for building a patched kernel on
Debian are at [1]).

Thanks much, and good luck,

[1] http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/ch-common-tasks.html#s-kernel-org-package
or the corresponding page in the debian-kernel-handbook package

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