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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

Ben Hutchings, 2012-01-29 18:22:05 +0000 :


> Featuresets
> -----------
> The only featureset provided will be 'rt' (realtime), currently built
> for amd64 only.  If there is interest in realtime support for other
> architectures, we may be able to add that.  However, we do need to
> consider the total time taken to build binary packages for each
> architecture.

  I would like to second the suggestion for also enabling rt for i386.
My rationale is that this would allow for smooth audio (low latency and
no clicks) on existing hardware.  Upgrading the hardware to something
more modern (and amd64) would probably lead to good audio without
needing rt; I guess it makes as much sense to enable it on i386, where
it's really going to make a difference, as on amd64, where it may not be
needed for this particular use case.


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