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Bug#619034: [regression] "BUG: Unable to handle kernel paging request at ffffc90013cd8000" and no sound card recognized

Am Donnerstag, den 26.01.2012, 04:45 -0600 schrieb Jonathan Nieder:


> Do you know anyone else with MSI boards and whether they suffer from
> the same problem?
> Are there other BIOS versions available for this board, and is it
> possible to test them to see if they need the quirk?  (Please do read
> the relevant caveats before trying any BIOS updates if involved in
> testing for this.)

I can recommend Flashrom [1] for doing BIOS upgrades. Just check if your
board or chipset and flash chip are supported and it should work out of
the box. If something went wrong you should ask on #flashrom or on the
list for help.



[1] http://www.flashrom.org/

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