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Re: Possible support for openvz also in the next version of stable

> As I understand from openvz they have been a bit too focused on the  
> rhel kernels.

Not exactly. We're too focused on the new mm feature called VSwap and
since the scale of this is way too big, we couldn't afford implementing
it for more than one kernel. Besides, the rhel6's mm code differs MUCH 
from the plain 2.6.32 for simple back-port.

> Pavel, can you comment on the possibility to provide this support. I'm  
> willing to help but I guess I need some support from you as well.

My current plan of further porting is to use v3.5, since as I expect this
kernel will have most of the required functionality. Hopefully we will get
it even earlier in v3.4, but I can't tell it for sure now.

In order to make proper decision on our future plans, can you share your
plans for when and what kernel you plan to support in Debian?

> Best regards,
> // Ola


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