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Packaging hpsa driver in debian

Debian Kernel Team,

My name is Logan Blyth, I work in the Linux smart array storage driver group at HP. I am trying to update the version of the hpsa driver in the package repos, and if possible create a file that will allow it to be installed alongside Debian(similar to a redhat dud (.dd) file) if possible. I would also like to help you in the ongoing maintenance of the driver, if you'll have me.

I realize that you are very busy so I would like to do this in a way that minimizes the effort on your part :), however I am new to building and packaging in general. I have read some (soon to be all) of the new maintainer guidlines and the debian policy manual and feel that I am ready to begin. Based on what I have said here if you feel otherwise please let me know what I can do to become better prepared.

I have downloaded the source package of headers, and am following chapter 3 of the maintainers guide. I realized that the driver is only a series of patchs,not a file like in the ch 3 example. Given that a single patch is supposed to fix only 1 specific thing, I am hesitant to just create a patch that would amount to ~1 year of updates. I can attempt this but it is against my better judgement. How should I proceed?

I am under a bit of a time crunch and am willing to put in the time and effort to do this the right way so that mainting this is easier for everyone

Logan Blyth

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