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Bug#657098: [regression] bttv dvb_bt8xx bt878 hang on boot unless post: drm

(dropping Jean Delvare from cc list)
Harry G. Coin wrote:

> After installing the above mentioned three from sid, details below,
> it didn't hang  (which maybe meant it worked, or maybe not, could be
> the kernel change just changed the timing that wee little bit...).

Excellent.  I wonder if this was fixed by some patch in the area of
v2.6.35-rc2~7^2 (module: fix bne2 "gave up waiting for init of module
libcrc32c", 2010-06-05).  If you have a chance to try
2.6.34-1~experimental.2 and 2.6.35~rc4-1~experimental.1 from
http://snapshot.debian.org to check that, that would be very useful.


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