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Re: Linux kernel version for wheezy

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> schrieb:
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> If I don't hear any objections from the kernel team in the next week,
> I'm going to assume that everyone is happy to go with Linux 3.2.
> The decision needs to be communicated to Debian developers in general
> (d-d-a) and to Greg Kroah-Hartman in his capacity as organiser of
> stable/longterm series.  If we go with 3.2 then we will also want to
> work closely with the Ubuntu kernel maintainers.

Despite my initial preference to go with 3.3/3.4 I think that's
the best option. There's nothing mouth-watering in 3.3 and the
time frame between the release of 3.2 and the Wheezy release will
be similar to the interval between 2.6.32 and Squeeze.


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