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Bug#656375: libdrm-intel1: screen corruptions, kernel message "*ERROR* Prepared flip multiple times"

Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> (21/01/2012):
> (-cc: Witold)

(that's not what I see, fixing)

> Ok, sorry about that.  My choice was reassign a kernel bug concerning
> the same problem to libdrm or the libdrm bug to the kernel, or to
> leave them unmerged.  I should have said so, I guess.

Leaving bugs as-is was very fine, at least with my libdrm hat.

> Honestly, a little kindness could have helped a lot.  I guess you mean
> that you do not suspect this is a kernel bug?  You could easily be
> right, which is why upstream does not bother to separate DRI bugs from
> libdrm ones.  Though in that case the error message could be a lot
> better.

Since you seem to be missing the big picture, several components are at
play here: kernel (+ possibly firmware in the radeon case), libdrm, x
server, x driver, mesa. And if one of them is sending shitty commands to
the GPU, anything can break havoc. Usually, with the GPU hanging. That
does *not* mean the kernel is at fault, just because there's some line
in the kernel log!

Back to the original topic: it is very difficult for Intel techs to
support old (and I'm just echo-ing their views on hardware) hardware,
even if older versions of the x driver might have worked at some point.
That is sad, but that's the state of affairs today.


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