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Bug#656375: libdrm-intel1: screen corruptions, kernel message "*ERROR* Prepared flip multiple times"

(-cc: Witold)
Cyril Brulebois wrote:

> The problem is not the tongue in cheek. The problem is your fiddling
> with that bug report while there are (AFAICT) no reasons to reassign it
> to the kernel. Kernel maintainers have better things to do. Me too.

Ok, sorry about that.  My choice was reassign a kernel bug concerning
the same problem to libdrm or the libdrm bug to the kernel, or to
leave them unmerged.  I should have said so, I guess.

Honestly, a little kindness could have helped a lot.  I guess you mean
that you do not suspect this is a kernel bug?  You could easily be
right, which is why upstream does not bother to separate DRI bugs from
libdrm ones.  Though in that case the error message could be a lot

If the kernel maintainers have better things to do than tolerate my
help with bugs, I'll be happy to do something else.  Just say the

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