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Bug#654799: Cranking sound coming out of speakers with the new 3.1 kernel

Hi again,

Jan Prunk wrote:

> I tried booting into 3.2.0-rc7-686-pae, but the crunching sound
> is still present, I am able to play music file properly, and
> crunching is in the background, and also while not processing
> any sounds, the crunching appears out of the speakers.

Ok, thanks for testing.  Please send a summary of this regression to
alsa-devel@alsa-project.org, cc-ing Takashi Iwai <tiwai@suse.de> and
either me or this bug log so we can track it.

Be sure to mention:

 - steps to reproduce, what you expect versus what actually happens,
   and how that indicates a bug

 - which kernel versions you tried, and what happens with each

 - alsa-info.sh output, as an attachment

 - if you can make a recording of the strange sound available
   somewhere online, that would be ideal

 - whether you are able to bisect or test patches if needed

[1] may have more hints.

Thanks and good luck,

[1] http://alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Help_To_Debug_Intel_HDA

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