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Bug#587703: System hangs at boot with PCIE Mini WiFi card attached

> Weird.  Do you mean that you changed some setting in the BIOS to fix
> this, or that you applied a BIOS update?  Is there somewhere we can
> read about the firmware update (e.g., a BIOS changelog) to see if
> there is anything Linux could or should be doing to avoid similar
> problems in the future?

No, it was not a CMOS settings change that fixed it. The fix was
inside the BIOS code. It was more like a BIOS bug than a Linux bug.
You can follow the thread here:

Although the above thread talks slightly about different issue but
AFAICAR the fix is same for both the issues (one mentioned on this bug
report and the one mentioned on the Kernel Bugzilla). It's been quite
a while so I can't recollect all the details accurately.

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