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Bug#587703: System hangs at boot with PCIE Mini WiFi card attached

Kushal Koolwal wrote:

> Thanks for checking. Actually we were able to resolve this issue at
> the BIOS/Firmware level. There was some resource allocation issue in
> the ACPI's PNP devices. But just wanted to make it clear that we
> started seeing this issue from 2.6.32 onwards and hence the BIOS fix
> was necessary if we wanted to use kernel > 2.6.32 or later. You can
> close this issue for now.

Weird.  Do you mean that you changed some setting in the BIOS to fix
this, or that you applied a BIOS update?  Is there somewhere we can
read about the firmware update (e.g., a BIOS changelog) to see if
there is anything Linux could or should be doing to avoid similar
problems in the future?

Thanks for the update.


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