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Bug#515754: Old client works with new or old server. New client only works with new server.

On 11/08/2011 10:02 PM, Bastian Blank wrote:
On Tue, Nov 08, 2011 at 04:06:07PM +0100, John Hughes wrote:
root@olympic:~# exportfs
/srv/nfs4     	gss/krb5
/srv/nfs4/home	gss/krb5
Please re-read the exports man-page. You want to use sec=. Not sure if
gss/* even works currently.

man exports:

You may use the special strings "gss/krb5", "gss/krb5i", or "gss/krb5p"
to restrict access to clients using rpcsec_gss security. However, this syntax is deprecated; on linux kernels since 2.6.23, you should instead
       use the "sec=" export option

Well, it works for me. I'll change it to sec= since that's the new format, but I don't see what it'll change.

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