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Bug#647095: CPU hyperthreading turned on after soft power-cycle

On 10/31/2011 2:06 PM, Clarinet wrote:
On 10/30/2011 4:25 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
On Sun, 2011-10-30 at 07:05 -0400, Jiri Polach wrote:
Package: linux-2.6
Version: 2.6.39-3~bpo60+1
Severity: normal
>> ...

That might be too large a range for developers to consider. Can you
test some versions between and (bisection)?

OK, after another day of testing it seems that the problem appears in, because

* linux - custom compiled from source - ok
* linux - custom compiled from source - not ok

On Ben's advice I am trying to locate the commit that causes the problem to appear more precisely using 'git bisect'. However, too many of generated revisions are unbootable so I have to use 'bisect skip' frequently. I started with 4059 revisions to test (roughly 12 steps) and after 15 steps I still have 2902 revisions to test (rougly 12 steps).

Is there any way to speed this process up? I tried to do bisection manually but I do not understand git enough to be able to do this efficiently.

My current bisect log is below.

Jiri Polach


git bisect start
# good: [3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5] Linux 2.6.37
git bisect good 3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5
# bad: [521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d] Linux 2.6.38
git bisect bad 521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d
# bad: [c56eb8fb6dccb83d9fe62fd4dc00c834de9bc470] Linux 2.6.38-rc1
git bisect bad c56eb8fb6dccb83d9fe62fd4dc00c834de9bc470
# good: [c8ddb2713c624f432fa5fe3c7ecffcdda46ea0d4] Linux 2.6.37-rc1
git bisect good c8ddb2713c624f432fa5fe3c7ecffcdda46ea0d4
# good: [3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5] Linux 2.6.37
git bisect good 3c0eee3fe6a3a1c745379547c7e7c904aa64f6d5
# skip: [ecacc6c70cf77a52a22af66c879873202522d6ce] Merge branch 'release' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/aegl/linux-2.6
git bisect skip ecacc6c70cf77a52a22af66c879873202522d6ce
# skip: [22113efd00491310da802f3b1a9a66cfcf415fac] mmc: Test bus-width for old MMC devices
git bisect skip 22113efd00491310da802f3b1a9a66cfcf415fac
# good: [233cbe5b94096f95ba7bca2162d63275b0b90b5b] OMAP2+: hwmod: Update the sysc_cache in case module context is lost
git bisect good 233cbe5b94096f95ba7bca2162d63275b0b90b5b
# skip: [443e6221e465efa8efb752a8405a759ef1161af9] Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mjg59/platform-drivers-x86
git bisect skip 443e6221e465efa8efb752a8405a759ef1161af9
# good: [9e3be1edbe5ca57df51140b523168237b3a01f4d] Merge branch 'for-2.6.37' into HEAD
git bisect good 9e3be1edbe5ca57df51140b523168237b3a01f4d
# good: [6c869e772c72d509d0db243a56c205ef48a29baf] Merge branch 'perf/urgent' into perf/core
git bisect good 6c869e772c72d509d0db243a56c205ef48a29baf
# skip: [f451171c5ac829e55581c81caf2cb01e1c0a5c5f] i2c-algo-bit: Refactor adapter registration
git bisect skip f451171c5ac829e55581c81caf2cb01e1c0a5c5f
# good: [aa5cbf8a70f57c5360ce1bfef692b357c866ae7f] [SCSI] qla2xxx: Use sg_next to fetch next sg element while walking sg list.
git bisect good aa5cbf8a70f57c5360ce1bfef692b357c866ae7f
# skip: [9b3ffe523af895f6b969b971079da4c06c2743af] ARM: ns9xxx: irq_data conversion.
git bisect skip 9b3ffe523af895f6b969b971079da4c06c2743af
# good: [c0b33bdc5b8d9c1120dece660480d4dd86b817ee] [media] gspca-stv06xx: support bandwidth changing
git bisect good c0b33bdc5b8d9c1120dece660480d4dd86b817ee
# good: [d7ae30f073a179a9cebd663e7502843ddf4ba672] mac80211: document workqueue
git bisect good d7ae30f073a179a9cebd663e7502843ddf4ba672
# skip: [949f6711b83d2809d1ccb9d830155a65fdacdff9] Merge branch 'staging-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/staging-2.6
git bisect skip 949f6711b83d2809d1ccb9d830155a65fdacdff9
# good: [40e44399301b6dbd997408a184140b79b77f632d] omap2+: Add struct omap_board_data and use it for platform level serial init
git bisect good 40e44399301b6dbd997408a184140b79b77f632d
# skip: [8f9b54a35a70b604ebd2b2f2e7e04eabd0ff8a54] Decompressors: check for write errors in decompress_unlzo.c
git bisect skip 8f9b54a35a70b604ebd2b2f2e7e04eabd0ff8a54
# good: [190683a9d5457e6d962c232ffbecac3ab158dddd] net: net_families __rcu annotations
git bisect good 190683a9d5457e6d962c232ffbecac3ab158dddd
# skip: [c0afc916029c02a8650e533392893b3da6326d1e] ARM: ep93xx: irq_data conversion.
git bisect skip c0afc916029c02a8650e533392893b3da6326d1e
# good: [9ac4e613a88d7f6a7a9651d863e9c8f63b582718] mtd: OneNAND: OMAP2/3: prevent regulator sleeping while OneNAND is in use
git bisect good 9ac4e613a88d7f6a7a9651d863e9c8f63b582718
# skip: [2b6203bb7d85e6a2ca2088b8684f30be70246ddf] qeth: enable interface setup if LAN is offline
git bisect skip 2b6203bb7d85e6a2ca2088b8684f30be70246ddf
# good: [8ec98fe0b4ffdedce4c1caa9fb3d550f52ad1c6b] jz4740-battery: Protect against concurrent battery readings
git bisect good 8ec98fe0b4ffdedce4c1caa9fb3d550f52ad1c6b
# good: [dc69e2e9fcd7c613eb744ea3b9c4ee9ca554e822] ceph: associate requests with opening sessions
git bisect good dc69e2e9fcd7c613eb744ea3b9c4ee9ca554e822
# good: [3e2a037c1de79af999a54581cbf1e8a5c933fd95] ARM: PL08x: fix sparse warnings
git bisect good 3e2a037c1de79af999a54581cbf1e8a5c933fd95
# good: [0b97fee0ef9b0a0445520f90980410f905c6f9da] powerpc/mm: Avoid avoidable void* pointer
git bisect good 0b97fee0ef9b0a0445520f90980410f905c6f9da
# skip: [a7f5a5fcd9f13afd3471a0de8c1fdaa8f989497c] ixgbe: fix for link failure on SFP+ DA cables
git bisect skip a7f5a5fcd9f13afd3471a0de8c1fdaa8f989497c
# good: [ba5d1012292403c8037adf4a54c4ec50dfe846c4] xen/gntdev: stop using "token" argument
git bisect good ba5d1012292403c8037adf4a54c4ec50dfe846c4
# good: [b646d90053f887c1bc243191e693a9b02d09f2c2] r8169: magic.
git bisect good b646d90053f887c1bc243191e693a9b02d09f2c2

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