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Re: Re: linux-image-2.26.32-5-686: Kerneloops and race condition after USB2 HDD disconnection, preventing clean shutdown

(Re-sent to the correct address)

I really should spend time on studying for an exam coming up in a few
days, and reportbug doesn't seem to run as it should, or it secretly
sent a mail twice. Tried it as normal user and as root, but really
shouldn't be searching for answers now, whether on man pages,
reference manual or internet.

For convenience, I'm including a quickly shortened version of the
report with this post, in plain text format.
Excluding fstab, mtab and hardware info.
Including the mentioned log sections (both syslog & kern.log) as well
as a summary of the previous session with the cycle as I'm getting
used to.
So far, USB1 mode works slow, but fine.

It'd be nice if this (memory management?!) issue could be resolved,
though for me the logs look just fine now.

I'll be keeping an eye on the mailing list.


Ad Langerveld

PS: lovely quote!

bug-report_000_short.log (plain text)

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