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Bug#641749: firmware-atheros doesn't load for Atheros AR3011

Hey, I just found more information

>> This device is rather peculiar. I currently have a dual boot with
>> Ubuntu 11.04. In Ubuntu, using kernel 2.6.38 the device works
>> correctly as expected. The bluetooth LED turns on and everything. In
>> Debian, however, running either my vanilla kernel 3.0.4 or official
>> Debian kernel 3.0.0-1-amd64 leads to the same error at boot time. The
>> weird thing is that, sometimes when I restart Ubuntu and go into
>> Debian, the firmware loaded into the AR3011 does not get wiped out and
>> I get a clean boot with no errors using Debian.

The reason why it works in Ubuntu with kernel 2.6.38 is because they
patched their kernel:


I also saw this patch also in a Gentoo forum:

Apparently there is an upstream bug report:
But that is down right now, because kernel.org is down.

Perhaps this patch could be applied to Debian's kernel?

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