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Bug#641749: firmware-atheros doesn't load for Atheros AR3011

> This error message indicates a communication failure with the device
> after the firmware has been loaded from disk but before it has been
> transferred into the device.  So it's not a problem with the firmware
> but with the driver or the hardware.

I see.

> Did this hardware work with a previous kernel version?  Does it work
> with the current official kernel package (linux-image-3.0.0-1-amd64)?

This device is rather peculiar. I currently have a dual boot with
Ubuntu 11.04. In Ubuntu, using kernel 2.6.38 the device works
correctly as expected. The bluetooth LED turns on and everything. In
Debian, however, running either my vanilla kernel 3.0.4 or official
Debian kernel 3.0.0-1-amd64 leads to the same error at boot time. The
weird thing is that, sometimes when I restart Ubuntu and go into
Debian, the firmware loaded into the AR3011 does not get wiped out and
I get a clean boot with no errors using Debian.

If I turn it off and boot into Debian, then I have trouble. I think
this may be a bug in a recent kernel:

I guess this should be reassigned to the kernel then?



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