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Bug#611493: Failure on boot during initrd script execution

616689 is probably part of the problem. In my case, LVM runs on top of a
raid0. Sometimes, the kernel freezes several minutes after an apparently
normal boot. I have tried to improve the situation with the rootdelay
and also timeout from grub. The rootdelay parameter helped, but the
problem re-happened, unfortunately. I wonder if there is not some
interference with grub.

As I am running two different systems (Mint not Window$ !) on the same
computer, I could notice that:
- the problem is less likely to happen if I reboot (the machine is warm)
- the problem does not happen with Mint, kernel 2.6.24-28-generic, with
boot&root partition is a native partition and home is on a raid1/LVM

I am sorry, but I do not know how I could be more helpful. 

Le samedi 03 septembre 2011 à 00:39 -0500, Jonathan Nieder a écrit :
> retitle 611493 Failure on boot during initrd script execution
> reassign 611493 initramfs-tools 0.98.7
> merge 616689 611493
> affects 616689 + linux-2.6 src:linux-2.6
> quit
> Pascal BERNARD wrote:
> > By adding rootdelay=20 on the command line, the problem does not show.
> > It is not very satisfying though, since the casual user will not dive
> > into the initrd to read the script init and see that you can set this
> > variable on the command line.
> Sounds like <http://bugs.debian.org/616689>.  Merging but please feel
> free to unmerge if I have missed something.

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