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Bug#637063: linux-image-2.6.26: patch for fujitsu-laptop (refers to bug #631664)

merge 637063 631664
tags 631664 + upstream

Hi Tino,

Tino Schmidt wrote:

> I created a patch for 2.6.26 which adds the software-based RF-switch
> to the kernel. I extracted the main parts of fsaa1655g.c (see bug
> #631664) and patched it against fujitsu-laptop.c.  Now I can switch
> on my wifi.

Neat.  Please forgive my laziness: how does this compare to


?  Have you tried contacting platform-driver-x86@vger.kernel.org,
Martin Večeřa (ja on the server marvec.org), and Jonathan Woithe
<jwoithe@physics.adelaide.edu.au> to talk about what it would take to
get the patch to apply to a recent kernel and get it merged into
mainline?  The file Documentation/SubmittingPatches in the kernel
source contains some instructions for getting feedback on patches.

(Merging with Bug#631664 because both are about adding support for the
same hardware.)

Thanks much for this work and thanks for the heads up.

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