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Re: [cut-team] For discussion: security support strategy for the wheezy kernel

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> This will also help to provide a bit more stability for CUT [0].  Over
> a 1.5-year period (the non-freeze timeframe) roughly 6 new upstream
> kernels will be released, and each new kernel comes along with a high
> probability of introducing breakage.  I'm trying to provide CUT
> releases once a month, so every 3 months I will be looking at a likely
> broken CUT release (or 25% of the time).  However, if there is just one
> kernel transition in testing development cycle, then there is only 1
> likely broken period (or 4% of the time).

The kernel is not the sole component that can introduce breakage. So it
seems ridiculous to do such statistics based on the kernel only.

And like Lucas said, CUT users want recent software and that includes the
kernel (which is also important for new hardware support).

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